OSullivans offer a wealth of experience in the seedstock industry; our family has been breeding seedstock for several generations. We have been breeding black polled Limousins for 25 years and have been leaders in the innovation of docility improvement.

In our breeding program we have set high goals:

  • High docility (good temperament)- means easy to handle calves that settle quickly and ultimately do better. 
  • Structural soundness (longevity) - for bulls that service more cows for more seasons and cows that actively produce for longer.
  • Fertility - big testicular bulls that get more cows in calf quicker and produce daughters that reach puberty earlier and cycle quicker after calving.
  • Weight for age with calving ease - means live calves that grow quickly and weigh heavier at market time.
  • Muscle and high dressing percentage - means sought after calves at premium prices.
  • The ability to finish quickly - means cattle that can take full advantage of seasonal flushes or quicker turn around in the feedlot.
  • Well suspended udders with good teat size - means sound udders that last longer and teats that calves can easily suckle.

We firmly believe these are the traits that result in easy care cattle which are functional and practical and help to drive a profitable beef enterprise!

OSullivans aims to breed seedstock that have the ability to produce a quality profitable article for the progressive breed producer.

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